My Rock Collection is Complete!

The sketchbook is finally completed and it will be sent back to the Brooklyn Art Library by the end of the week. I can’t wait for this little sketchbook to become part of their collection. Thanks again to Brooklyn Art Library for this great opportunity.


A peaceful image for a crazy world. I must admit that I took a deep breath after completing this sketch. Not due to the fact that I finally completed the sketch, but because it looks so peaceful. The gentle shadows and soft hues just gives the feeling that one is at the beach on a sunny day. So take a deep breath because life is beautiful.


Sketch is for the Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn Art Library, 2019.

The Canvas Project Exhibit, New York, New York 2019

Thank you Brooklyn Art Library for the picture including my canvas along with several other beautiful pieces. I look forward to receiving the catalog featuring thousands of these gems and for the canvas swap. I wonder which painting I will get in the mail and who will receive my piece.


Tiny Sketches (Tiny Sketchbook Project)

I couldn’t resist from participating in yet another great sketchbook project with the Brooklyn Art Library. Love! Love! Love their project ideas! I highly recommend going to their website and see what ideas are brewing. In this short blog, I have included the contents of my Tiny Sketchbook project. This tiny book will be sent to France with many other tiny projects in a small suitcase to be exhibited. I will be sure to update as soon as the library takes and shares the pictures.

Pages from my Tiny Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn Art Library, 2018 Theme: Microscopic Memories.

Pages from my Tiny Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn Art Library, 2018 Theme: Microscopic Memories.

A postcard for #TAE19 and Art in Healthcare in Scotland

I am so very happy to be supporting the Art in Healthcare charity this year for the first time through the Twitter Art Exhibit #TAE19 ( The opening night art sale will take place on May 11 and the exhibit will end on the 13th in Edinburgh Scotland at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall. All pieces will also be available to purchase online and all proceeds will go to Art in Healthcare charity. #TAE was set up 10 years by artist David Sandum and his organization continues to raise money for different charities around the world. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I believe art heals, so I am very happy to make a contribution and look forward to participating again next year.

Serenity 2019 Watercolour on Paper

Serenity 2019 Watercolour on Paper


Remember this piece? Well, it has now completed its tour of Florida and South Korea and it is coming home! I am honoured to have been able to participate in this exhibition and I would like to thank the International Fine Art Exchange Association and Yuni Ko for including my work. Also appearing in this video are beautiful paintings created by Yuni Ko and Valerie Kent. I have received positive feedback about my work and I hope to contribute another piece with the association again in 2019!

Watercolour in Seoul South Korea.JPG

The Seoul District Public Prosecutors building, Happy Maru Gallery (Summer 2018)

The Sketchbook Project

With the 4x4 painting completed and mailed back to the Brooklyn Art Library, I can now begin to explore this new project. As you can see below the package arrived today and inside the envelope I found a poster, instructions, and a 5 x 7 sketchbook. All I have to do now, is select a theme from the list and begin to create. After I have completed the book, it will be sent back to the gallery, digitized, and then catalogued. Now, which theme from the list should I choose? Send me a message with a suggestion. 


The Canvas Project

This tiny 4x4 painting is heading back to the Brooklyn Art Library in NY. What a great project! The library sent each participating artist a different word to base their painting on. I got the word 'ragtag'. It means unkempt; a misfit. I had to sit on this word for a while, but this is what I created and it's heading back this week.

When the piece returns to the library, it will be sent back out into the Canvas Project community to a fellow artist's home as a way to make connections with other artists from around the world. Before it's sent out though, all canvases will be cataloged into a visual encyclopedia and then printed into a book. Can't wait to receive both.  



for The Canvas Project, Brooklyn, NY

My travelling painting. First stop? Quincy Gallery in Florida.

Some more great news! My painting "Summer Memory" is now in an exhibit in Florida. Thank you to the International Fine Art Exchange Association for including my piece in their exhibit. The show is at the Quincy Gallery in Florida and will run from May 7th to May 21st. 

After this exhibition has ended, all paintings will be sent to South Korea to be shown there as well. More information on that exhibit will be posted at a later time. So please, stay tuned!  


Exciting News

I'm very proud to announce that my pea pod watercolour study was accepted into Anna Mason's brand new watercolour book entitled, "Anna Mason's Watercolour World". It has finally arrived and I can not be any happier! The pea pod was completed using video tutorials available in Anna's online school. She had requested that students from the school submit their work and provide a brief quote explaining their experience about sharing our work with one another and how this communication was helpful in assisting our artistic practice. Well, I was one of six artists selected. I am so very happy to be part of this book. It is a wonderful resource to have and I highly recommend it to all who want to get back into watercolours or who would like to hone existing techniques or just learn something new. 

Before stumbling upon Anna's online school while surfing the internet, I hadn't touched watercolours in a few years. Her step by step instruction was a great way to get back into the medium and she also introduced new techniques that I added to my existing repertoire. A great big thank you to Anna for inspiring me, and many others, to pick up our brushes and give watercolours a go.