International Art

The Canvas Project

This tiny 4x4 painting is heading back to the Brooklyn Art Library in NY. What a great project! The library sent each participating artist a different word to base their painting on. I got the word 'ragtag'. It means unkempt; a misfit. I had to sit on this word for a while, but this is what I created and it's heading back this week.

When the piece returns to the library, it will be sent back out into the Canvas Project community to a fellow artist's home as a way to make connections with other artists from around the world. Before it's sent out though, all canvases will be cataloged into a visual encyclopedia and then printed into a book. Can't wait to receive both.  



for The Canvas Project, Brooklyn, NY

My travelling painting. First stop? Quincy Gallery in Florida.

Some more great news! My painting "Summer Memory" is now in an exhibit in Florida. Thank you to the International Fine Art Exchange Association for including my piece in their exhibit. The show is at the Quincy Gallery in Florida and will run from May 7th to May 21st. 

After this exhibition has ended, all paintings will be sent to South Korea to be shown there as well. More information on that exhibit will be posted at a later time. So please, stay tuned!