Artist Statement 

Snap Shot is an evolving series of oil-on-canvas portraits based on the random, (seemingly) spontaneous yet revealing nature of the “selfie”. The first painting, Emma, was inspired by a surprise selfie a family member left on my tablet to be discovered later.  Using the filters in the app, she gave herself one exaggerated, bulging eye, one minuscule eye, an elongated nose and a distorted face and jawline. The distortion I saw in her selfie grabbed my attention and it was a style I wanted to further explore and develop. 

The second painting Self Portrait is an introspective piece that was created during a time of transition where change was difficult, reevaluation was necessary and next steps were uncertain. The eyes act as windows into the inner psyche, however, much of the pain is still hidden. To evade revealing too much, the half smile, intense stare and raised eyebrows reverses the gaze and questions the viewer and demands an answer. 

While two of my paintings are selfies, Sweet Nothings uses symbolism to tell a story of deceit. The green snake appears friendly and non-threatening as it tickles the female’s ear while just underneath, a sinister shadow bares its fangs, ready to attack. This reflects duality; people, or situations, may not always be as they appear. This series represents growth and the pain and joy change brings to our lives. Like this series, we continue to grow, learn and evolve. This process is never over.

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